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From getting a better haircut to changing your wardrobe, there are many ways to change your image. Yet few things reflect on you more than your ride. If your car looks old and run-down, it can affect you in business and in your social life. Why not spruce things up with a better-looking car from R&R Sales? We have a big inventory of used cars Chico CA.


We try to have something for every consumer. This means a wide selection of the best brands as well as different sizes and styles. If you want a convertible to show your sporty side, this is the place. If you need a business sedan, we can help you. If you just want a clean, attractive compact, R&R Sales is the place to go. Our buyers work hard to keep an inventory stocked with the kinds of cars that make their owners look good. Check out your current choices. Be sure to check back often because our stock moves quickly. If you see a favorite, come test drive it before it's gone.


Buy Smart:

Sure you could buy a new car, but you’ll pay a lot more for today’s conveniences. If you buy used, you can get a higher trim edition with more of the good stuff. This includes leather upholstery and top quality trim. It may include ventilated seats and multi-zone air conditioning. When you buy used, you can simply get more for your money. Why settle for a new car with few comforts when you can get a recent edition with more of the good stuff? Don't you deserve a power-adjusting driver's chair? Find your best deal among the used cars Chico CA at R&R sales. 

Buy Better Tech:

If you want to look and live like a modern person, nothing is better than today’s dash technologies. Smartscreens and telematics allow you to get more from your smartphone. These systems also include Bluetooth for handsfree phone use. Some systems include hands-free text messaging. Newer cars often offer remote starters and handsfree, keyless entry. Navigation can help you when California's busy traffic is slowing you down. 

Find a better car and improve your image at R&R Sales. We offer onsite financing. Click here to pre-qualify for a loan.