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ORLAND624 6th Street[530] 865-3508
Service Department:[530]865-0599

If you are uncertain about buying another car, we invite you to stop by for a test drive. You don't have to buy a car or SUV. Shopping should be a pleasant experience without hassles and high-pressure sales. As a leading used car dealer Orland CA, we want you to be ready to buy a car. We don't want to push you into a purchase. 
Test Drive
Why should you test drive, even if you aren't ready to buy!? A test drive today gives you a benchmark for decisions tomorrow. You will get a better sense of what is on the market. You will see how newer features work and discover if you like them or hate them. You'll see what choices are in your price range. This will put you in a better position to buy when the time comes.
R&R Sales offers a loan approval guarantee. So, if you do decide to buy, you shouldn't be turned down. Our staff makes every effort to find the best loans for our customers. You can start with a free credit score. learning more about your credit today. This should help you when you decide to buy a car. It is another benchmark for later decisions.
Our inventory is constantly changing. That means that possible buyers should stop by more often. You want to be alert to new possibilities, allowing you to maximize value when the time comes to buy. You may be on hand the day that the perfect style and color arrive. You'll know what it should cost, judging by previous visits, and you'll know your financing options. 
We invite you to drop by and explore the possibilities. We are your used car dealer Orland CA.