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Yes We Can!

R&R Sales has a motto: Yes We Can. What does it mean? Well, it means that we will work with you to get a loan, regardless of your credit history. If you have been struggling to find a loan, why not check out our guaranteed loan approval policies? We believe that we can find you financing, and we work hard to do it. If you are looking for bad credit repair Chico CA, R&R Sales is a great place to start.
Credit Ratings
Big corporate lenders have strict rules about credit ratings and national rankings. They refuse to give loans to people who are struggling. This is often an unfair way to do business because it hurts many worthy customers. To counter that, our financial advisers do everything possible to find you a fair loan with a reasonable monthly payment. Credit ratings don't dictate everything. People count.
Credit Inquiries
If you are interested in a loan but you don't want it to show up on your credit report yet, you can start with a soft inquiry. Just fill out this simple form.  You don't even need much personal information. This soft inquiry with the Automotive Credit Bureau will reveal your credit rating and your national ranking. You'll find out the basics such as the maximum loan amount. This should get you started because you'll know right where you stand.
Credit Hurdles
We have all faced credit hurdles. For some, it is the challenge of starting out after high school or college. For others, it is starting over after a divorce, a job loss, or a bankruptcy. Whatever your hurdle, R&R Sales financing can help you overcome it. That's why we hold to our Yes We Can motto. 
Credit Repair
If you can get a loan through R&R Sales, you are on your way to bad credit repair Chico CA. Repairing credit starts with getting an auto loan. As you pay it monthly, the credit bureaus start to take notice. After six months or a year, your credit rating begins to go up. This repair process isn't as hard as some people think. It all starts with a loan and a great car from R&R Sales. 
You can get started by visiting our lot or calling us at 800-722-1341.