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You may actually save money with a better car. How? Just consider what you are spending every year to keep an old car running. Now imagine that money is used for a car that doesn't need constant repairs. You can save money and get the transportation you need.
Money Pit
An old car can become a money pit. You spend your savings or run up your credit cards trying to keep your car on the road. Just as soon as you get new brakes, your AC goes out. The car breaks down, forcing you to pay for a tow on top of engine repair. And on and on it goes! Why not get a better car instead? Get away from a money pit and get into a ride with predictable monthly payments. Our financing can help. Get pre-approved.
Money Saver
A newer car only requires occasional maintenance, such as inexpensive oil changes. It won't need new tires tomorrow and new brakes next week. While you are saving money on big repairs, you will be driving with greater confidence. It is a better choice for out-of-town trips, allowing vacations to be free of repair dramas. You'll spend a lot less time worrying and even less sitting in a car repair shop waiting room. To be sure, you will get much more for your money at this used car dealer Chico Ca.
Check Out Your Choices
Choosing a new ride is part of the fun. At R&R used car dealer Chico Ca, our growing inventory features recent models with low mileage and solid histories. Start your search online, but be sure to come in soon for a test drive.