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R&R Sales Reviews Used Kias

Used Kias are packed with value. Clearly Kia is doing something right with this car. You will find the Kia and many similar cars by other brands at R&R Sales. Let us help you with bad credit Orland CA.

Style and Size
The Kia has a distinct style that has been called playful, offbeat and quirky. There is method in the design, however. U.S. News and World Report tells shoppers that the Kia is well-proportioned with more room to stretch out than rivals Mazda3 or the Volkswagen Golf.

Safety and Durability
Kias have been praised for its very high crash scores. The 2015 edition earned all five stars in the federal crash tests. U.S. News notes that the same car has above-average reliability. 

Financing at R&R Sales
For most shoppers, the first step toward purchase is to secure financing. Even if you have bad credit Orland CA, you may find a second chance with our financing. 
Why not take a test drive of a used Kia? There is a big inventory of different car brands waiting for your inspection.