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Although it may seem like replacing your old car is a costly investment, there are ways to make it pay for itself. The first way is to get a good loan. The second is to pick a car with lower fuel costs. The third is to escape the high cost of expensive repairs. You can do all of these things at R&R Sales, home of the best used cars Red Bluff CA.
Lower Fuel Costs
If you have been paying for gas in a car that gets 23 miles per gallon or less, you can do better. We offer many choices with city mileage in the high 20s and highway mileage in the 30s. You can quickly pay yourself back for a wise choice if you buy a good used car from R&R Sales. 
Lower Repair Costs
Cars that are constantly in the shop are draining money away. If you can get a newer car with low maintenance and repair costs, this is a more cost effective use of your paycheck! It will certainly save you time and stress. Just imagine going months without a trip to the mechanic. You won't lose time waiting for your car to be repaired. You will be on the road and not broken down beside it.
Good Loans
Part of our package is a good loan. We help everyone, even those with poor credit. We see financing as part of offering thebest used cars Red Bluff CA. You can get started using our easy prequalification form. We will work with you to find a payment plan that fits your budget. 
You'll find a wide price range to suit many different types of budgets. If you are looking for a specific model, our find-a-car form can get you started. 
Loan Payments
With one of our helpful loan payment plans, you will find that car ownership can be affordable. Lower gas costs and fewer trips to the repair shop will save you money, too. 
Check out our large inventory. Stop by one of our two lots and find one of the best used cars Red Bluff CA.