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Should I Lease or Buy Used?

There are a lot of people shopping for cars and they need to determine whether they should lease a new car or buy a used one. 

Leasing a New Car
Car shoppers are discovering that if they decide to lease a car, there are many hidden costs.  There usually is a large down payment which is often more than shoppers want to put down.  Car shoppers also realize they do not own the car and once all the payments are made they still do not actually own the car.  There are also other things to consider when leasing like mileage restrictions, which will cost more money if you exceed the cap.  Also, many times new car dealerships try and upsell customers to higher end finishes, etc.  Come to R&R Sales and find financing for used cars Orland CA.

Used Car Buying

There are many great used cars that have just as many great features as many new cars.  When you purchase a used car, you are making a great investment and R&R Sales has the financing just for you to get your next car purchase.  When you buy instead of lease, you can drive easy knowing you own it and you can enjoy your car with your family and friends without worries of turning it in at the end of the lease. No worries about going over the mileage restrictions either.

Find good used cars Orland CA at R&R Sales. Yes We Can financing can get you the loan you need.