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At R&R Sales and Service, we are licensed to offer the California Smog Test Our skilled mechanics are ready to help you stay of ahead of the test with quality maintenance and repairs. R&R Sales offer car repair and used cars Orland CA.
Fuel Filter
Many car owners don't get their fuel filter changed. This can cause the car to fail the smog test because a clogged filter affects emissions components. Your vehicle maintenance schedule should indicate when this should be done. Don't wait until you fail the smog test. This is an inexpensive maintenance item that can pay off in big dividends later. 
Engine Injection
If your injectors are clogged, the whole system will start to break down. This can cause the emissions system to work overtime, leading to early failure. Maintenance is a key way to avoid this problem. If your gas mileage slips, consider having this system checked. You may save yourself a headache later on.
Engine Light
If you see the engine light, never ignore it. Bring it to our skilled mechanics. If we can address the issue soon, you may avoid a smog test failure. 
Vacuum Leaks
If your MAP sensor malfunctions or the hoses are faulty, this can cause the vehicle to fail the smog test. Let our skilled mechanics check your system for leaks and correct your emissions.
Spark Plugs
If spark plugs are old, they can cause your hydrocarbons to spike during the important California test. You can avoid this with basic maintenance that will ensure your car's long term viability.
Catalytic Converter
If the catalytic converter is failing, the vehicle will definitely fail the smog test. We can handle this repair as well.
Visit R&R Sales for car repair and used cars Orland CA.