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In the last five years alone, cars have become much more durable and much more fuel efficient. This is great news for used car buyers. It means that you can get excellent cars with many miles ahead. There are some great values out there, especially at R&R Sales, your used car dealer Chico CA.
Fewer Oil Changes
One big change has been the invention of on-board oil change evaluations. Drivers don't have to stick to the every 3,000-mile rule. The car will signal when it is time for an oil change. This can save big money over the life of the car.
Fewer Tune-Up Expenses
While maintenance is still important, drivers will find that recent models often require less maintenance. For example, some cars now use iridium-tipped spark plugs that can go over 105,000 miles before replacement. Some newer cars can remind drivers when maintenance is due. Get pre-qualified for a loan amount.
Fewer Parts to Break
As electronics have become part of the car's engine, electronic systems have begun to replace mechanical ones. For instance, recent models may have an electronically-controlled parking brake. Many have electronic ignition. This reduces the number of parts that can break, rust, or malfunction.
Less Gas
Cars and SUVs are more aerodynamic. Special styling creates less wind resistance, which means these models use less fuel. Furthermore, engines can do more with less. Four cylinder turbos can create the same torque force as a V6. When you are on a budget, these newer vehicles can keep your daily driving costs low.
Traction controls and more airbags are now standard on new vehicles. In fact, the airbag count may be as high as ten on some recent editions. You can find a safer car at your used car dealer Chico CA.
Better Financing
If you are looking for a good deal, you will find great values at R&R Sales. You can also find better financing, even if you have a low credit score. Our Buy Here Pay Here policies are a shortcut to the car you want. Start with our online loan application.
Whether you are looking for a specific model or just a better car than the one you've got, you need to head to R&R Sales. Our large inventory is ready for your inspection.