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Buying your first car is part fun, part fear. At R&R Sales, we want to eliminate the fear so you can concentrate on the fun. Find out what we can do for you. Visit one of our two locations to see our inventory and talk to our helpful staff. 

Fear of Financing
The common fear among first-time buyers is that they won’t find financing. That’s because big lenders aren’t interested in unknown credit risks. If you haven’t had time to build a credit score, big lenders just assume the worst and refuse to help with a loan. At R&R Sales, we look at the whole person not just some random number. It is our goal to find everyone a loan, especially first-time buyers. Let us work with you to find the loan that you can afford. We offer financing for used cars Yuba City CA.


Free Credit Score
The first step for potential car borrowers is getting their credit score. No one should walk into a dealership without this knowledge. Yet credit bureaus make it difficult to find out without causing a drop in your credit. That’s why we encourage you to use our form for a free credit score. You don’t need to reveal much information, and the process is secure as well as fast. With your free credit score, you’ll feel better equipped to deal with finance issues.
Real Choices


With our financing expertise to help you, you will have real choices. Then you can move on to the fun part. You can find a great car among the many colors and styles in our inventory. Get financing help.

As a leader in used cars Yuba City CA, R&R Sales is eager to serve new car purchasers.