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If you have been looking for a used car, you may be concerned about the lack of reassurances from many used car dealers Sacramento Ca. Everyone is willing to sell you a car, but most sellers won't stand behind the car they sell. Well, at R&R Sales, we offer a triple check guarantee. We think that gives buyers three solid reasons to shop with us.
Reason #1: Pricing
Recognizing that used car buyers are most interested in price, we make sure that you are getting a real value. In fact, our triple check guarantee allows us to state with certainty that our certified pre-owned cars offer fair prices. How can we be sure? We check prices at other used car dealers in the area. In fact, we widen our search as far as 100 miles away. Since we serve the region, we want to be sure that our customers are getting a better deal. Start with an online loan application.
Reason #2: Independent History Report
To reassure ourselves and our customers that a car is worthy of purchase, we jump through many hoops. This includes a major multi-point inspection where our mechanics find and fix all the little issues before they can turn into real problems. Still, we like to know where the car came from and we know you do, too. So, we offer a free independent history report on all of our certified preowned vehicles.
Reason #3: Warranty
Other used car dealers Sacaramento CA tend to shy away from warranties. We think offering three months of coverage, rather than the typical two weeks or one month, is an important way to add value to your purchase. 
Visit R&R Sales and see what our triple check guarantee can do for you.