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Your car's safety depends on your tires. Whether you need tire repair, tire rotation, or a new set of tires, you can depend on R&R Sales. As a leading provider of auto repair Orland CA, we've made it our business to offer a big inventory of tires to serve you. 
The Right Fit
If you are looking for new tires you'll get the right fit from us. We can ensure you get the right type, width, and speed rating. We'll ensure that the wheels are the correct diameter. Other important features include the construction, the aspect and the load index. If you have a 4x4 off-road vehicle, we'll help you find the tires with the best traits to serve your needs.
The Right Balance
When we change your tires, we can make sure that they are properly balanced. This is an essential part of any tire replacement. In fact, as tires age, they may need to be balanced again. Since we are a full service shop, we can also perform an alignment. This protects tires from undue wear-and-tear by ensuring that they roll perfectly straight while maintaining the correct contact with the road.
Tire Maintenance Services
If you aren't ready for new tires, keep your old tires in better shape through our balance and rotation service. Alignment can catch suspension issues that will wear out tires prematurely. Tire repair is always available, too. We want to help you keep tires longer, even if you buy them elsewhere. 
Come to R&R Sales for all of your tire needs. Our highly-qualified technicians provide full service car repair Orland CA.