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Some of our shoppers tell us that they have had a hard time deciding when it was time to trade. We have a few guidelines based on these discussions. If you decide it is time to trade, visit R&R Sales for helpful advice and a great inventory. OurBuy Here Trade Redding CA policy makes it easier.
Gas Mileage

More and more shoppers come to us because they want better gas mileage. Today's editions are offering remarkably high fuel economies. At this moment on our lot, there are 41 cars with gas mileage over 30 mpg. This includes the beautiful Chrysler 200 which boasts 36 mpg/highway. The Nissan Sentra gets 39 mpg/highway. The Hyundai Accent gets 37 mpg. Even SUVs are getting into the act. The Jeep Compass gets 30 mpg/highway, and a Chevy Equinox can claim 32 mpg/highway. While all of these are 2012 editions or newer, there are many older models with good gas mileage, too. This includes Toyota Corollas and Honda Civics with gas mileage over 30 mpg/highway. You may even find a hybrid on our lot. If you can't find what you are looking for, ask our staff to find it for you. Just call 800-722-1341.
If your current car keeps breaking down, it is probably more cost efficient to get a replacement. Take the money you'd spend on repairs and put it toward a new car. Our Buy Here Pay Here Redding CA policies can make it easy. Get pre-qualified for a loan.
More recent technologies can be found under the hood and on the dash of many vehicles on our lot. If you have been craving a lower-maintenence car, you'll find that the recent editions often have longer oil change intervals thanks to changes in technology. If you have been craving better dash technology, you'll find Bluetooth, smartscreens and other helpful gadgets on many editions on our lot. Our knowledgeable staff can point you toward the vehicles with the features that you crave.
In some cases, our shoppers say that safety has driven them to look for a new car. They want to get something newer that is safer and has more airbags. With so many cars on our lot, you are sure to find something that has more safety features than your older ride. 

Find your next car at R&R Sales.