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Check Engine LightOrland CA

Few things grab your attention like the Check Engine Light. It may feel a bit threatening, but drivers should view it as a precious line of defense against greater problems down the road. The Engine Light is an important tool that, when correctly diagnosed, can prevent a more expensive repair and/or a breakdown. Orland, CA car repair is available five days a week at R&R Service Center.


Problem: If your gas cap is loose or missing, your systems monitor will notice a corresponding drop in pressure. A sealed cap does more than keep fumes out of the atmosphere. It also ensures that the fuel is stored at a certain rate of pressure.

Dangers: The car will lose precious fuel due to evaporation.

Solution: If the cap is simply loose or misaligned, correct it and drive for awhile to see if the light goes off. If your cap is missing, R&R can order you a new one. If this doesn’t correct the problem, you can get quality car repair in Orland CA at R&R Sales and Service.


Price Match Guarantee applies to all vehicle parts and repair services. We will match any competitor's price on your vehicles parts or repairs.

Competitor must be within 50 miles of our Orland CA dealership. Customer must present competitor's valid coupon, advertisement, or repair estimate prior to vehicle repair. May not be combined with other coupons or offers. See service advisor for complete details.


Problem: Misfiring spark plugs or loose spark plug wires can trigger the engine light. Spark plugs are vital to your engine. The plugs must repeatedly “spark” to ignite the fuel and air combination that travels via the spark plug wires to your engine.

Dangers: A misfiring plug or loose wire can’t do its job, and the whole system begins to suffer. This is a slippery slope with other components struggling to do their jobs. Left unattended, it can cause malfunctions of the O2 sensor, catalytic converter and the ignition coils.

Solution: R&R Sales and Service, which provides quality Orland CA car repair, will replace the spark plugs and/or fix the wires. This is a straightforward repair that can save you money by preventing a major breakdown.


Problem: The mass airflow sensor measures air flow. Without this measure, the engine will intake too much or too little. If it malfunctions or fails, the fuel mix may become too rich for the system, causing more problems.

Dangers: If it’s just a malfunction, the air will continue to mix with the fuel, but the amount will be irregular. This confuses the other components that expect a regulated air/fuel mix. There will be strain on the O2 sensor, spark plugs and ultimately the catalytic converter. Please use our online scheduler for quality car repair in Orland CA.

diagnose the problem. Our highly-trained technicians will replace the mass flow sensor with a warrantied part.


Problem: The Oxygen sensor detects and regulates the level of unburned oxygen. A malfunctioning O2 sensor causes stress on the system’s ability to self-correct. Some drivers may see a noticeable drop in gas mileage.

Dangers: Fuel economy has been known to suffer at a level approaching 40 percent. That can be quite costly. Additionally, sensor failure has been linked to failure of the spark plugs and/or catalytic converter.

Solution: For fast, effective Orland CA car repair, contact R&R Sales and Service. We can replace the O2 sensor and check for any damage to other components. Our online scheduler makes it easy to get help.


Problem: The Catalytic Converter protects both the air that is emitted by the car and the air that is emitted into the car.

Dangers: If the converter fails, the car will fail any environmental test. Worse, it endangers the car’s occupants by allowing to much CO2 into the cabin.

Solution: R&R Sales and Service can replace the catalytic converter with quality parts. Our technicians are well-trained to deal with any type of car, truck or SUV. Our online scheduler makes it easy to get help.


Problem: Many car owners mistakenly try to save money by skipping major scheduled maintenance. The purpose of this maintenance is to prevent breakdowns and to extend the life of your car by ensuring timely replacement of components and fluids.

Dangers: Skipping scheduled maintenance often results in preventable problems such as spark plug failure. Missed maintenance has been shown to significantly reduce a vehicle’s road life.

Solution: Let R&R Sales and Service get your vehicle up-to-date on scheduled maintenance. We want to help you avoid that dreaded Engine Light! Our online scheduler makes it easy to get help.